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Symptoms of true success…

We all want success in our life but sometimes we succeed and  sometimes not…

So how can we predict success???

It’s easy…

In this post I will help you all in predicting success…

So, here are some of the symptoms of success

(1) Support.

People support those whom they think is right.

(2)When you think you have nothing to lose.

This will make you fearless and will help you to judge  your decisions & strategies before you apply them.


This is what makes a person more hungry to win and also makes you determinant.

(4)Believe yourself.

When you think you are right then no one can stop you.

(5)Learn to Lead.

Once you learn how to lead then think you are in the right way.

Now you are ready to go…

                                                                                                               “Once you start, 

                                                                                                                  Don’t stop…

                                                                                                                 Once you hit,

                                                                                                                                              NEVER  QUIT”

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LIGHTNING BOLT……the fastest

Unaware of speed  breakers he runs fast,

Count 3.2.1 and hear that blast…

With a ribbon as target,

He throws the ball through the basket…

He jumps,He swims,He runs but he never stops….

The one  who lets his  personality pop…

The one who does not have dreams,

Who makes his own way flow like streams………..

A tribute to the fastest amongst all

Just like us who once used to crawl

Who always wants to see himself shining

Who knew he will become THE LIGHTNING……..