My Poetry

Win no matter what…

This is the truth of life that no one can deny…Yes ‘WIN’ is not just something external this is something internal, something that gives you happiness that nothing in this world does..So this post has an aim, an aim to inspire…

It is a game of up and down,

Only you deserve to wear the crown..

Jump down with  eyes open,

It’s time to bypass a rising sun…

Grab the support that  helps you to rise,

This is a matter to win with no otherwise…

You will get a chance to experience the true power,

It’s the time to destroy the dark tower…

Walk along the path of smile,

Seconds will be enough to cover a distance more than a mile….

There is a game where you are the only player,

All you need to do is to destroy every layer..

A layer of inferiority, a layer of regret…

The day you do this you’ll win I bet…

Tears will be what you will say I forgot,

You will win no matter what…




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