My Poetry

Nam myoho renge kyo….

This is a short poem based on  Nichiren Buddhism’s practises called “NAM   MYOHO  RENGE KYO” which can be described as the essence of  “LOTUS SUTRA…””

The time when failure hired me,

Became the time when someone’s teaching’s inspired me…

The time when everything went out of sense,

Became the time when finally SUCCESS marked my existence…

When everyone ran and I kept crawling,

I found some who didn’t want to see  his son falling…

The time when I got to know the meaning of myoho (mystic law),

Became the time when I  started replying to Kyo’o (Lotus sutra)…

The time when I became the real Leo,

Came just because of  “NAM   MYOHO  RENGE KYO”…

When my soul went free,

I  became to chant for a life like a tree…

When life will be a slice of tofu,

I will stand to spread Kosen-rufu…

Hope you liked it….

Note:- If you are also a part of this wonderful practice the please share your experiences with me by sending me a mail at ->


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