My Poetry

A tree…

Trees right from  the beginning are ignored and even removed from their homeland by  the smartest,most  intelligent and the most  deadliest creatures that  are us humans…This is not just a post  this is a dedication who faces problems because  of humans and still stands as the greatest source of our life…..

See the extinction of the one who loves everything even a crow,

Still I have doubts that will its specie ever grow????

The one whom we usually don’t see,

Is the one of allows us to live for  free…

The one who is the strongest,

Is destroyed  by the deadliest…

We can’t kill parent,

We  can’t  be kill the one who  give us the most precious rent…

When there is no one around us then also he is with us,

Because he gives happiness and takes everything that is poisonous…

Why do we wait  for  a train of hope to come at the station,

Can’t we become the doctors and cure the disease of deforestation???

Act  before it  gets too late,

Otherwise  a  dish with ingredients  will be  what you’ll get on your plate…

                                            HOPE YOU LIKED IT…


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