My Poetry


This word itself is very horrifying and let me tell you guys that test is what makes you full of guts….Yesterday I read  a  quote saying “A stupid mark-sheet can never  judge my capability” so this  post is about the real you..

In my school I am the best,

But get  afraid when it  is the time to give the test…

Life is a lion and knowledge is its tail,

Keeps on irritating me the words pass and fail…

I  think in some matters I am  even  more unlucky than a hen,

I gave my best still got nine on ten…

Is education is what my  life is all about,

Are my talents total waste I doubt…

Let me think and feel the  heat,

Because what I hate is a stupid mark-sheet…

Result is what gives me  pain,

Let me explore myself and start once  again…..

                                      Hope you liked it…….


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