My Poetry

Smile suits you the most….

On hearing the word ‘smile’ we  all get a feeling of  joy and happiness in our hearts and that’s what our life wants from our side….Each of our heart  beat multiplies  when we smile and the biggest disease  which is depression  has only one medicine that is smile itself…This post may remind you that smile is what suits you the most…

Life is a journey more than a mile,

Only  thing it takes is a huge smile…

Smile is what never makes me cry,

No matter what evils try…

Let  me fall,

Let me crawl,

Smile   is my treatment after-all…

Smile is what destroys my fear,

Smile is what conserves every drop of  my tear…hd-wallpaper-kids-cut-pictures

Let me learn and tell everyone,

Smile is what makes me shine like sun…

When evils try to make me a toast,

Smile remains what suits me the most…

Smile  is  what gives me joy,

Smile  every second  no matter if you even start to look like a toy…

                                                                                                         HOPE  YOU LIKED IT….


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